Factoring Companies in Pittsburgh for Your Business

Is your business struggling because of slow paying clients? We can put an end to that with factoring companies in Pittsburgh. We listen to what it is that you are looking for in a factoring company and we match with the best in the city of Pittsburgh. We can get your business matched, approved, and funded within a few short days. All you have to do is let us know what you want in a funding service and we can put you in direct contact with one of our partners.


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What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is receiving advanced payments on your open invoices. Once we partner you one of the best factoring companies in Pittsburgh, your business will go through a brief approval process. Once your business is approved, you can begin factoring invoices. Simply send over the open invoices and the factoring company will advance you up to 95% in as little as 24-hours and hold the rest in a reserve. Once your customers pay for the invoices, the reserve will be released to you minus a factoring fee.

Industries in Pittsburgh

Is your business outside of Pittsburgh? No worries. We can get your business the funding it needs to grow regardless of location. Whether your business is in Philadelphia, Harrisburg or any other city in Pennsylvania, we have the tools to get your business factored.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing across Pittsburgh is a growing industry. If your business is looking for more working capital to cover updates in your facility, we can help you.

Healthcare: Healthcare is also a growing industry in Pittsburgh. Does your medical billing or medical coding business need more working capital? We can help your business get the funds it needs.

Social Services: Social services, one of the biggest industries, has potential to grow even more with a factoring company in Pittsburgh.


Growing Your Pittsburgh Business

We know that growing your business can be tough. Small business owners are constantly plagued with higher taxes, and changing government regulations which is why we are here to help. We want small businesses to stay open and stay debt free. With factoring companies in Pittsburgh, we can help your business stay on top of expenses and never feel the burn from slow paying clients. Let us get your business matched with a Pittsburgh factoring company today.

The Steel City Facts:

Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh.

The nickname “Steel City” comes from when Pittsburgh was one of the top producers of steel in the country.

Batman hit, “The Dark Knight Rises” Was filmed in Pittsburgh.

You can thank Pittsburgh for the Klondike Bar and Clark Bar.

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