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Invoice factoring is a service used by small businesses in order to get the working capital they need to grow. This product is great for B2B companies in almost every industry that have slow paying clients, or are growing quickly and need more available funds to accommodate sales. Factoring companies provide funds in just a few short days.

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Payroll funding is a solution mostly used by staffing companies that are low on working capital to fund their payroll expenses. Payroll funding provides companies with an advancement on their sale invoices in order to cover payroll. Payroll funding companies can also offer payroll services and back office support to lighten the work load of growing clients.


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Merchant cash advances are a service used by B2C companies that provides advanced payments on future sales. The advancement is reconciled either through credit card sales or by automated clearing house. Merchant cash advances are suitable for businesses in industries such as retail and hospitality but can be used for other industries that make daily sales. This service helps out businesses in need of working capital to take on more customers or pay for other expenses.

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An unsecured business loan is a loan that does not require any collateral in order to get financed. The loans can also come in different forms and are a flexible solution for businesses who cannot be approved for a bank loan and need the cash right away. Regardless of credit history, unsecured business loans are for many different businesses across many different industries.

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Purchase order financing is a service used by businesses that place several orders to suppliers in order to process orders for their clients. A purchase order financing company pays your supplier directly for an order. This way a business with low working capital can take on more customers and process more orders. Once the product is received by your customer, the amount will be reconciled with the PO financing company.

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