How to Pick the Perfect Business Name

You have everything in place to start your new business. Everything accept a name. The thing that defines what you do, convert lookers into buyers, catches an eye, you get the picture. There needs to be some serious thought put into what you want to call your business. We are here to help make the process a little easier and give you some picks on how to pick the perfect business name.

Remember What the Name Represents

When people look at the name of your business, it not only represents your business, but it represents where you want your business to go. If you are in a market that is has room to be fun and different, explore some off the wall options. If you are in a market that is a little more buttoned up, you may want to search for a name that encompasses what you do, with a little added flair. Too much could confuse people when they get to your site or see your sign on what you actually do.

Think Domain

It is no surprise that these days, the name of your business should focus a great deal as well on whether or not you can obtain a good domain name for your website. The way businesses get their name out to the public has come a long way from word of mouth and paper advertisements. Now it is all about whether or not people will be able to find your site in the slew of other sites around the world that fill up Google search. Make sure you can get a domain that closely matches the name of your company.

Go with Your Gut

If you have had a name in mind since that class project you did in 8th grade, then go with that name. It’s obviously something that is important to you and something you will regret not picking if you choose something else. After all, it is your company. Also, once you choose a company name, there is no turning back. A name is something people always remember and associate your products with. If you go and change it, it can confuse your customers and you can lose out on sales.

Move on to the Logo

A logo is a great accompanying piece that can tie your business together perfectly. Once your name is picked you are free to explore logo options more freely. If you have a business name that is named after someone or has little to do with your market, it may be a good idea to pick a logo that goes along with what you do. This way if someone sees, for example, the logo is a truck, they are more likely to assume you are a trucking business. The logo is a great way to tie everything together. There are plenty of free online logo makers that can be used to create something meaningful without breaking the bank.  If you are not interested in a logo, that’s okay too. Not every business has/needs one.

Looking Ahead for Your Small Business

Once your business name is picked out and a logo is ready to go, you can now begin the marketing process. There will be much to do to get your brand name out to the public. Some ways will be free, others will not. If your business is ready to take the next step but has little working capital, we can help. We have the tools to get your business funded with the help of invoice factoring. A debt free process that will enable you to market, make sales, and make the purchases you need to grow. Learn more about how we help small businesses grow and prosper.