Millions of people around the world are using social media to connect and stay in touch, so, why wouldn’t you? LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiting employees and can help get you in contact with those looking for a position within your niche. A few years ago, finding the right employee could take months but now, with LinkedIn, it can take as little as a few hours. To make sure your LinkedIn page is correctly optimized to attract visitors, let’s take a look at a few must dos:

LinkedIn Recruiting Tips

  • Stay in touch with former colleagues—You never know who may need a job in the future. For this reason, you don’t want to lose touch with anyone you considered a valued employee. Not only will you be helpful when they’re job searching, but they may also know excellent candidates currently searching for open positions that they’d refer to you. Stay connected with these old friends on LinkedIn and contact them every now and then to catch up. This way, when you’re looking for a candidate, you can reconnect with them to see if they have any suggestions.


  • Keep your company’s profile up to date—When potential candidates are viewing your LinkedIn profile, they want to see that it is current and active. Post recent happenings and announcements at the business, along with fresh blog topics to draw people in. It’s also important that you include certain keywords within your profile that candidates may be looking for as well. Prospective employees use LinkedIn to search for keywords that pertain to the types of jobs they’re interested in obtaining.


  • Search for employees by where they currently work—if you know where you want your employees to come from, use their current employers as a starting point. Find these candidates by researching companies similar to yours, look over their profiles and if you think they’d be a good fit, reach out to them via email or LinkedIn InMail. InMail is a feature created by LinkedIn so users can direct message each other without it being visible to all of their connections. InMail can only be used by those that have a Premium LinkedIn account. Premium account subscriptions are ideal for recruiters and businesses looking to recruit often via LinkedIn.


  • Join LinkedIn Groups—Groups are a great way to meet potential candidates and analyze how they interact within their business communities. You might already be a part of groups that you can use to recruit employees or, you can join different groups based on your industry to seek out candidates. Groups are a positive way to associate with 2nd or 3rd degree connections you may have not connected with otherwise.

LinkedIn is an exceptional tool to add to your recruiting index. Whether you’re reaching out to candidates via InMail, groups or letting them come to you, it’s beneficial to have an updated LinkedIn profile. New people are joining LinkedIn every day, if you don’t see any appealing candidates one day, check back a few days later. A lot can change within the social media world in a couple of days!