How your Small Business can make the most out of LinkedIn

One thing needs to be clear: LinkedIn is NOT Facebook. LinkedIn is place where businesses need to get serious about their connections and the information they are putting out. No pictures of you at the beach, got it? Good. Now that we got that out of the way, check out these 5 ways to improve your business presence on LinkedIn.

  1. You Haven’t Exported Your Contacts

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to export all of your business contacts that you have made on the website. With a click of a button, LinkedIn takes all of your contacts and puts it into an Excel spreadsheet with the person’s name, title and e-mail address. This way you can take your contacts with you anywhere and add them to your business e-mail blasts. It’s a no-brainer, right?

  1. You’re Not Spellchecking Your Content

LinkedIn unfortunately does not have a spell check service built in. Either utilize your browser tools to spell check your page before posting. Another option is to use a Word document to type everything up beforehand before copying and pasting it into the open fields.

  1. You’re Not Taking Advantage of Added Media

LinkedIn allows you to post pictures, links, videos, etc. take advantage of this! Don’t ever let your page go stagnant. Anything you can add to your page, do it and do it often as you can. Having an active page is important.

  1. You’re Lacking Personalized Messages

Personalized messages are important. If you meet a potential connection at an event, make sure you contact them with a personalized message. They most likely will dismiss the automated LinkedIn message if they don’t realized or remember you from the invite. Not only is a personalized message polite, but it helps heighten your chances of them accepting your request.

  1. You Don’t Have a Customized URL

Having a customized URL important. It makes it easier for other businesses and consumers to find you. Try your best to get your full business name in the URL if possible. If not, come as close to it as you can. Also, make sure that it makes sense! If you can’t fit it all, make sure it is still distinguishable.

Now What?

You’ve made your corrections, but you still want a larger presence on LinkedIn. What should you do? You might want to start thinking about advertising on the social media site. LinkedIn offers many opportunities for small businesses to grow their connections and credibility via paid posts and ads. Don’t have the working capital to afford it? That’s where we come in. We can get your business the funds it need to fulfill your marketing efforts by partnering you with a factoring company. A factoring company will get your business funded in just a few short days! Contact us today to learn more.