Factoring Companies in Ogden

Is your business in need of immediate funds to cover incoming sales? Many small businesses struggle with slow paying clients on a daily basis. If your business needs the funds to grow, we can help. We listen to what type of business you have and partner you with one of the best factoring companies in Richmond. Not sure if invoice factoring is right for your business? We offer many different loan type products that also many be suitable for your business.

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How Does Factoring Grow My Business?

Invoice factoring is a process used by small businesses to create working capital. Once we partner you with one of many factoring companies in Ogden your business will go through a short approval process. Once approved you can begin factoring your invoices. The factoring company will advance your business up to 95% of your invoices and hold the rest in reserve. Your customers will then pay for the invoices directly to the factoring company.

Industries across Ogden

Healthcare: Medical companies can get their receivables factored for any expense whether it be payroll, or other operating costs, we can get your funding you need.

Manufacturing: Does your business special in manufacturing goods across the U.S.? We can get your Ogden business the funds to grow.

Trucking: The trucking industry isn’t going anywhere. Make sure you have the cash to pay your drivers and cover fuel, any time of year.

What is the Next Step?

Where should your business go from here? First, you can fill out a form on our website or give us a call. We will ask you a little about your business: where you are located, how much you bill in a month, what type of rates you are looking for, the name of your business and your contact information. Once we gather enough information, we will reach out to one of our funders that we believe is a good fit for your business based on your needs. We will direct connect them to you over the line right then and you can begin the approval process with the factor.

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