Factoring Companies Help Grow Your Business

Your business works hard for your customers. To give a little bit back to your business, we want to help you get funded. We have a network of the best factoring companies in Scranton. We listen to what your business is looking for in a funder and we match you with the best Scranton factoring company. We know that free time is limited when you own your own business. That’s why we do all the work of searching for you and match you with the best fit based on your needs and industry. So take a seat, give us a call, and we will handle the rest.

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How Does The Process Work?

Invoice factoring is the fastest way to get the funds you need. The best part is it leaves your business debt free. Once we partner you with one of the best factoring companies in Scranton, your business will go through a brief approval process. Once you are approved, you can begin factoring your invoices. Simply send the open invoices to the factoring company and they will advance you up to 95% of the invoices and hold the rest in a reserve. Once your customers pay for the invoices, the reserve will be released to you minus a factoring fee.

Small Business Funding in the City of Scranton

Is your business outside of Scranton? No worries. Whether your business is in Wilkes Barre, Hazleton or any other city in Pennsylvania, we can get your business funded.

Healthcare: We can get your facility equipped with a nurse staffing company to provide your business with the funds to cover payroll and help with back office tasks.

Telecommunications: The telecom industry offers up all different kinds of new technology. Is your business in this line of work but needs more working capital? We can get you funded within a few short days.

Transportation: Does your trucking company struggle to cover fuel for every haul because of slow paying clients? We can get your business set up with fuel advances and fuel cards.

Growing Your Business in Scranton

Not every business person can fly by the seat of their pants like Michael Scott at Dunder Mifflin. Getting the funding your business needs to grow is hard. Banks look at small businesses and don’t see potential. WE see potential. We know that small businesses work hard to keep their businesses running, regardless of the economy. That’s why we go to work for your business. The best part? Our services are free to you. We will match you up with a Scranton factoring company in minutes.

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