Factoring Companies in for Business Growth

While you may be wracking your brain wondering what the best financial option for your business is, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have a factoring marketplace filled with skilled factoring companies in Allentown that are equipped to get your business the funds you need, regardless of industry. By simply filling out a form or giving us a call, you have access to the best funders in the country. The best part? Our referral services are free to you!

What is the Allentown Factoring Process?

No matter what type of b2b business you have, invoice factoring is a suitable option for you. The process is simple. Once we decide which Allentown factoring company is best for your business, we will put you in direct contact with the funder. Once you have completed their approval process that takes about 3-5 days, you can immediately begin factoring your invoices. First you will send your open invoices to the Allentown factoring company. They will then advance you up to 95% and hold the rest in reserve. Your customers will then pay for the work directly to the factoring company. Once the payment has been received, the funder will release the reserve back to you minus a factoring fee.

Get the Factoring You Need in Allentown

Is your business or clients outside of Allentown? No worries. We work with companies in Bethlehem, Easton, or any other city in Pennsylvania.

manufacturing factoring

Manufacturing: Food manufacturing is a large industry in the heart of Allentown. If your food/beverage manufacturing or distribution business needs the funds to grow, we can provide you a Allentown factoring company to meet all your needs.

healthcare factoring

Healthcare: Companies that work in the healthcare industry play a crucial part to the city’s economy. If you have a medical coding or billing business that could use some cushion funds to support your company, we have a Allentown factoring company for you.

Technology Industry Factoring

Technology: The technology industry is very competitive in Allentown. Let us partner you with a technology factoring company today so you can get started growing and expanding your brand.

More Industries Served in Allentown

trucking industry

security guard staffing

distribution industry


 Does your trucking business need funding fast? We can help you find a factor to increase your cash flow.


 We work with many small businesses within the security guard staffing industry to get companies the cash flow they need to expand their business, hire employees and make payroll.


Does your distribution company need more money to grow? We’ve got you covered with invoice factoring.

Expand your Business in Pennsylvania

There are many different types of industries in the city of Allentown. If your business wants to stand out in the crowd of booming companies, it could need some more capital to work with. That’s what we are here for. We can help get your business funded in a just a few days. Think of that. Having YOUR money in hand, when you need, however much you need it. The process is a no-brainer! Don’t wait another minute to get the funding services you need. Give us a call, and we will take care of the rest.

Allentown Fact:

Allentown was founded in 1762 by William Allen, who was also the former mayor of Philadelphia.

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