Factoring Companies in Cape Coral Help Businesses Grow

If your business is in need of funds in order to grow, you’ve come to the right place. Our factoring marketplace is filled with skilled factoring companies in Cape Coral to get your business growing. There are many different ways to get the factoring your business needs to succeed. We listen to what your business is looking for in a factoring company and match you with the best funder in our network based on your industry. We know that a small business owner like yourself has very little time to be searching around for the best rates. We are here to make your job easier!

How Invoice Factoring Works

Invoice factoring is the fastest way to access working capital. Once we match you with one of the best factoring companies in Cape Coral your business will go through a brief approval period. Once your business is approved, you can begin factoring your invoices. Simply send the factor your invoices and they will advance your business up to 95% within 24-hours and the rest is held in a reserve. Once your customer pays for the invoices, your reserve will be released to you minus a factoring fee.

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Industries Across Cape Coral 

Is your business located outside of Cape Coral? Don’t worry. We work with companies all across Florida and the United States.

manufacturing factoring

Manufacturing: There are many different companies in need of more working capital to grow. If your business falls under manufacturing, give us a call.


janitorial factoring services

Janitorial: Does your cleaning business need extra working capital? We can provide your business with the cash to cover payroll and supplies.


Technology Industry Factoring

Technology: Technology is always changing. We want to bring some of that change to your bank account. Let us partner you with a Phoenix factoring company today.

More Industries Served in Cape Coral

truck factoring

security guard staffing

distribution industry


 Does your trucking business need funding fast? We can help you find a factor to increase your cash flow.


We work with many small businesses within the security guard staffing industry to get companies the cash flow they need to expand their business, hire employees and make payroll.


Does your distribution company need more money to grow? We’ve got you covered with invoice factoring.

Get Funded Today in Cape Coral, FL

We take the time to learn your business and find out what makes your business tick.  We know that your business wasn’t built in a day, and that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to make it to where you are now. We will pick up where you left off and get you the funding to pay rent, payroll, or anything else your business needs.

Cape Coral Interesting Facts:

Cape Coral is the third largest city in Florida.

There are more than 400 miles of canals in Cape Coral, which is more than Venice, Italy.

Florida Gulf Coast University is located in Cape Coral.

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