Factoring Companies in Birmingham Increase Sales

Does your Birmingham business struggle with slow-paying clients? We can put an end to this. Invoice factoring is a type of funding that caters to small businesses. Factoring companies in Birmingham can get your business the funds to cover monthly expenses while your clients keep their payment terms. We listen to what you are looking for in a funding program and we match you with the best factoring company based on what you need. Factoring companies in Birmingham understand small businesses. Waiting 30-60 days to get paid is not easy when you are trying to grow your brand. We can get your business funded today.

How to: Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring advances small businesses open invoices. Once we partner you with one of the best factoring companies in Birmingham, your business will go through a brief approval process. Once approved, you can begin factoring. Simply send the factoring company your open invoices. They will advance your business up to 95% of your invoices and hold the rest in a reserve. Your customers will then pay the factoring company for the invoices on their terms. Once the factoring company receives the payment, your reserve will be released minus a factoring fee.

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Your Industry Factored in AL

Is your business outside of Birmingham? Whether your business is in Huntsville, Auburn, or any other city in Alabama, we can get your business funded.

factoring government receivables

Government: Does your business deal with government contracts? We can help. We can get your business the funds to grow while waiting to get paid.


automotive industry

Automotive: The automotive industry in Birmingham is strong. We can get your auto sales business funded.


healthcare factoring

Medical: Medical service jobs are booming in Birmingham. Let us fund your medical staffing company the funds it needs.

More Industries Served in Birmingham

truck factoring

security guard staffing

distribution industry

Technology Factoring


 Does your trucking business need funding fast? We can help you find a factor to increase your cash flow.


 We work with many small businesses within the security guard staffing industry to get companies the cash flow they need to expand their business, hire employees and make payroll.


Does your distribution company need more money to grow? We’ve got you covered with invoice factoring.


Let us partner you with a technology factoring company today so you can get started growing and expanding your brand.

How Factoring Grows Businesses

Invoice factoring grows businesses by providing companies with advanced payments on their open invoices. This strengths cash flow for businesses so they can afford to pay their bills as well as make more sales or cover things like renovations or re-branding. We know it can be tough to keep a business going when expenses start to pile up. Give us a call or fill out a form and we will partner you with one of the best factoring companies in Birmingham.

The Magic City Facts:

Veteran’s Day originated in Birmingham, AL.

The Vulcan statue is the world’s largest cast iron statue in the world.

The windshield wiper was created in Birmingham by Mary Anderson in 1903.

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