What is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase order financing (or PO financing) is a type of funding for wholesales that have purchase orders they cannot process because of low working capital. The financing provided by a purchase order financing company will give your business the funds to complete orders as well as grow your brand. A PO financing company can provide your business with the funds to pay your suppliers and fulfill orders for your clients.

Our marketplace is filled with many PO financing companies that can get your business the funds it needs. We partner you with the best company in our network based on your industry in niche. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Types of Businesses that Utilize PO Financing

Usually re-sellers/distributors/wholesalers are the types of businesses that use PO Financing. Companies that have commercial or government contracts get the most out of this type of financing because it is tailored to their type of business. It is tailored to businesses that need funds to cover supplier expenses. This type of funding is small business friendly. You will never have to worry about being a start-up with this type of funding. Being unable to fulfill orders because you don’t have the working capital to pay suppliers shows that your company is thriving.

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Types of  PO Financing

How PO Financing is Different than a Bank Loan

For starters, a bank often requires a decent amount of collateral and years of bank statements to get funded. Once those hoops are jumped through, actually receiving the cash takes even longer. Purchase order financing is different. Collateral is not required, and doesn’t follow the same rules of a bank loan.

The process is fast, and in some cases some businesses can fund your suppliers in as little as 72 hours. PO financing companies understand that your business is more than just numbers on paper. There is potential. That is why we only partner with financing companies that appreciate small businesses.

PO Financing Prepares Your Business for the Unexpected

Another great thing about PO Financing is that you can use it for unexpected expenses as well. If a customer calls you and places an unusually large order that you don’t want to lose out on, you can use PO financing to cover it. Your business may also have slow paying clients who don’t pay for 30-90 days that you just can’t afford to wait on. Stop waiting, start financing.

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Growing Your Business with Purchase Order Financing

Little do many people know, purchase order financing can help your business grow. Think of it this way. If you free up working capital that you would usually be spending on supplier payments, you can take on more clients, hire more workers, or do anything else you need to explode your business.Many small businesses have to turn away larger clients because they just don’t have the funds to cover it all. Even if your business is on the smaller side and hasn’t gotten that many sales yet, having more working capital can prove to be helpful when it comes to marketing efforts, renovations, or anything other updates. No matter what your business is trying to accomplish, we can get you the funds to make it all happen.

Funding Relationships Strengthen Small Businesses

When your business starts a relationship with a PO financing company, it opens a lot of doors. Suppliers that know you have a backed source of income and know they will always get paid on time will be more willing to partner with you for longer contracts, offer discounts, etc. Freeing up working capital also will create a positive relationship with your customers who know you will always get their products to them on time. This may even allow you to provide special deals for to your loyal customers.

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