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Payroll is due— but when you’re staffing firm is waiting 30-90 days to receive payments from you clients, it may be tough to cover weekly payroll. The staffing industry faces unique cash flow challenges. It’s likely you pay employees weekly or every other week, but your customers likely pay on 30+ day terms. If gaps in cash flow are keeping your temporary agency from growth or taking on new accounts, invoice factoring for staffing companies can help.

The accounts receivable factoring process is simple—first, you tell us what you are looking for in a staffing factoring company, and then you sit back and let us do the rest. Our marketplace is home to dozens of skilled factoring companies that specialize in the temp staffing industry.Just give us some details about your company and we’ll set you up with the right staffing funding company instantly.

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How Can Factoring Help You?

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Factoring Company

Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things factoring. We help you discover your staffing business’ inner potential with the freedom that invoice factoring brings. Having a large payroll schedule every month is a big issue for busy staffing agencies. That’s why invoice factoring is the best solution. Let us partner you with the best staffing factoring company in our marketplace so you can get back to running your business.

  • Pressure-free zone for slow paying clients
  • Start-up friendly
  • Extra capital to recruit new talent
  • Back office support (optional)
  • Financial cushion as your business grows
  • Support during slow months and busy months
  • Working capital to cover employee payroll
  • Funds to purchase new software and equipment
  • The ability to grow without fretting over slow-payers

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Staffing Firms in Any Industry

We help temporary and permanent-placement staffing agencies in any niche. No matter your staffing specialty, we can help.

  • Medical and Nursing Staffing
  • Clerical and Office Staffing
  • IT Staffing
  • Construction and Engineering Staffing
  • Warehouse Staffing
  • Industrial Staffing
  • Hospitality Staffing
  • ….  and More!

Factoring for Staffing Firms is Easy

Whether you need money-only payroll factoring or full-service payroll factoring, we’ve got you covered. Need factored invoices for other expenses such as contracts, data processing or background checks? We can handle that, too. Our network of staffing factoring companies is diverse, and the process is simple—all it takes is four short steps.

Staffing Agency Funding FAQs

Have more questions? Check out our general invoice factoring FAQ page

Q: Will my staffing agency have to put up assets in order to factor?

A: Unlike banks, factoring companies look at your agency’s potential, not assets. You will never have to put anything up as collateral or have your credit checked. Pretty great, right?

Q: How can my staffing firm use the money from factoring?

A: Any staffing business expense you need. Whether it be payroll, recruitment or office rent, factoring companies will provide you with the funds to make payments on time.

Q: What is full-service payroll factoring?

A: Full-service payroll factoring offers additional support for staffing firms. It includes back office services such as payroll processing, timekeeping assistance, tax preparation and invoicing.

Staffing Firms in the United States

Don’t panic. Whether you have a direct placement, temporary-to-hire, temporary placement or contract firm, we can get you the money you need for marketing so you never feel second best. Our marketplace is filled with trustworthy staffing factoring companies that are ready and waiting to help your business grow. Don’t waste another minute comparing staffing funding services. We have matched many staffing agencies just like yours with the best factoring companies in the industry. We don’t mean to brag, we just love what we do.

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