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Running a business isn’t cheap. A successful operation demands a steady cash flow. When you aren’t receiving payment from your clients for 30-90 day periods, it is hard to pay employees, rent and utilities, purchase supplies and cover other overhead expenses.

If your small business provides services to other businesses, we can help you secure the financing you need right away with invoice factoring. Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, ensures service providers always have enough cash on hand to operate and take on new customers. Approval is simple and funding is fast. Since factoring is not a loan, you won’t tack on new debt to your balance sheet.

Count on us if you need fast funds. We will partner you with the best service provider factoring company in the industry from our diverse marketplace. Why waste your time searching for factoring companies and services when we can do the work for you?



What is Factoring?

Simply put, invoice factoring is a way to get paid faster by selling your outstanding invoices to a factoring company. Factoring invoices helps business owners in the service industry get paid within 24 hours for services provided. You deliver your services and/or products, submit the invoice to a factoring company and the factoring company advances you the cash.  Businesses of all sizes and stages qualify for this type of financing (yes, even new businesses qualify).

Types of Service Providers We Help

If you’re invoicing other businesses that pay on terms, you’re likely eligible for factoring. From factoring for janitorial companies to security guard services factoring, we have a company that can help you. Here’s a small sample of service providers that can benefit from factoring invoices:

Benefits of Factoring

Whether you have a accounting, marketing, consulting or any other type of service business, we have the tools to get you the funds you need to grow your business. Service provider factoring companies provide advanced payments to growing companies like yours every day. We will match you with the best of the best, offering competitive rates, fast approval and much more.

  • Same day funding
  • Eliminate the wait for invoice payments
  • Factoring can help build your credit
  • Maintain steady cash flow during seasonal ups and downs
  • Low rates from 1%
  • Factor handles your collections giving you more time to focus on your business
  • No minimum volumes –  you can choose to factor as needed
  • No debt to repay

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The Process of Factoring

Contact us to get started. Approval is fast and takes about three days. Complete a short application and submit a few pieces of documentation. Once you are approved, you can get funded within a few short days. All this can be done from the comfort of your office or home, without every having to meet with a bank or deal with heavy contracts. Invoice factoring is the best financial solution for small service provider companies like yours.

Professional Service Companies in the United States

The service industry is booming.With that being said, there is some competition ahead. Let us partner you with the best factoring company for your niche so your business can grow. Don’t waste your time searching for the best financial solution, we have the answer right here. In addition to factoring, other financing options such as merchant cash advances and unsecured loans are available.

Start factoring your service provider receivables today.