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Protect your cash flow with security guard factoring. Slow-payers are common in every industry. If you’re security business isn’t paid for 30+ days for your services, keeping expenses in check can be tough. You’ve got payroll and other expenses to cover. When your cash flow is strained, it can be hard to take on new contracts. Invoice factoring for security guard service providers ensures your business is paid immediately.

Invoice factoring, or accounts receivable factoring, is a form of financing that provides an advance on your outstanding invoices. Sell the invoices to a factoring company and receive the funds within 24 hours. Approval is easy and even brand new companies are eligible for funding. Factoring security invoices is the best way to get the funds necessary for meeting your long-term goals. If you’ve been holding back on taking on larger contracts over cash flow concerns, security guard factoring is the solution.

Invoice Factoring for Security Guard Services

  • Low fees from 1%
  • Free credit checks on your customers
  • No long term contract
  • No monthly minimum volume requirements



Secure Your Security Business Cash Flow

Qualifying for invoice factoring is much easier than for a bank loan. Approval is based on the credit stability of your customers, not your credit history. Instead of waiting weeks and weeks for a bank loan, factoring invoices advances payment within 24 hours. Factor as much as you need to maintain a stable source of capital. There are no minimums or maximums. Use the financing for whatever you wish:

  • Expand your staff
  • Extend longer payment terms to current and potential customers
  • Improve your marketing efforts
  • Cover unexpected costs with ease
  • Purchase new supplies or repair vehicles
  • Comfortably take on larger accounts knowing you have the cash on hand

Invoice Financing for Security Guard Services of All Types

Whichever security niche your business occupies, we can match you with an experienced security factoring company today. We have factoring partners that specialize in the following types of security services.

  • Government
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Shopping Centers
  • Special Event Services
  • Investigative Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • ….  And More!

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Access Working Capital in 24hrs or Less

Instead of waiting 30 to 60 days for payment from your clients, give invoice factoring a try. This way you can add more staff to your team, improve training efforts, cover payroll every month and even expand your business into new markets. The process of factoring security receivables is easy.

Security Services Funding FAQs

Have more questions? Check out our general invoice factoring FAQ page

Q: Why would security companies use invoice factoring?

A: Start-ups experiencing rapid growth, limited credit lines, poor credit history and held up accounts receivables are just a few reasons why security companies seek out invoice factoring.

Q: What types of security service businesses work with factoring companies for security?

A:  We work with many factoring companies that specialize in different niches, such as contract security factoring, personal security factoring, public security factoring, medical security factoring and more.

Q: Am I required to factor all of my security invoices?

A. No. You may factor whichever invoices you choose, and as frequently as you want.

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Slow-paying customers are a fact of life in the business world. There is no reason that your security guard company should go without being paid for weeks at a time if you need the cash now. Working with a security guard factoring company will allow you to hire more staff, update training regulations, purchase new vehicles, acquire new equipment and cover other crucial business expenses.

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