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Manufacturers can’t afford to wait 30-90 days to get paid by clients when there are immediate expenses to take care of. Manufacturing companies have material costs, supplier payments, payroll and other expenses to worry about. Sometimes waiting isn’t an option. Thanks to invoice factoring for manufacturing, your small business can get paid right away for the products you deliver.

Accounts receivable factoring is the best way for small businesses like yours to get the money that it needs to expand. In less than 24 hours, manufacturing factoring firms can get you the money that you are owed from your outstanding invoices and can free you up to pursue other business ventures.

Business owners are experts when it comes to manufacturing, and your clients trust you when they need your services. Well, we are experts when it comes to helping businesses get the cash flow necessary for expansion– so trust us! We will partner you with the best receivables factoring company for your manufacturing facility.



Manufacturing Companies We Work With

Manufacturing is a broad industry, but luckily, we know all of its many colors. Let us put you in the right hands of a manufacturing factoring company. In the past, we have worked with manufacturers of:

  • Equipment
  • Textiles
  • Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Food/Beverage
  • Auto Parts
  • Steel Products
  • Machine Shops
  • Electrical
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Wood

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Manufacturers Access Extra Capital with Invoice Factoring

We take pride in helping manufacturing businesses like yours grow. If you have a manufacturing company that you think would benefit from extra working capital, let us know. We will partner you with a factoring company that understands your niche in the industry and will send you on your way to success. Check out some of the benefits of manufacturing factoring:

Manufacturing Funding FAQs

Have more questions? Check out our general invoice factoring FAQ page

Q: What locations does your manufacturing marketplace serve?

A: The United States, and select areas in Canada, United Kingdom and India.

Q: What types of manufacturing businesses work with manufacturing factoring companies?

A: Many different types of manufacturing companies can benefit from invoice financing, such as those in the areas of food and beverage, medical supplies, chemical products, plastics, automotive supply companies and others.

Q: What types of manufacturing factoring is available?

A: There are many different types of manufacturing factoring depending on your business and niche within the industry, including medical manufacturing factoring, industrial manufacturing factoring, agricultural manufacturing factoring, auto manufacturing factoring, food and beverage manufacturing factoring, and more.

How Factoring Works

Being able to fill orders is obviously a must— but how much cash do you have in the bank after you have paid bills, payroll, and other expenses? If your answer is none, let’s talk. No business should go without reserved funds for the unexpected. Manufacturing factoring companies can get you advanced payments so your business can have some cash on hand for a rainy day. Check out how:

Manufacturing Companies in the United States

When your customers are slow to pay you, it could mean you are slow to pay your suppliers. Suppliers make it easier on businesses to get what they need at a discounted rate. The last thing you want to do is compromise that relationship. Ensure that your manufacturing company has the capital to fill orders, purchase supplies and have some left over for growth with receivables financing. We promise to partner you with the best manufacturing factoring company that is experience in your industry and niche.

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Access Working Capital in Minutes With Manufacturing Factoring Companies

Being able to fill orders is great, but how much cash do you have in the bank after you have paid bills, payroll, and other expenses? If your answer is none, let’s talk. No business should go without reserved funds for the unexpected. Manufacturing factoring companies can get you advanced payments so your business can GROW. Let us put you in the dedicated hands of a manufacturing factoring company today.