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Your distribution company is doing well, but you want to explore new markets. Do you have the steady cash flow necessary to comfortably grow your business? Factoring invoices is a way for distribution companies to get paid sooner. Distributors use factoring companies to obtain working capital that’s tied up in accounts receivable. With invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivables factoring, you’ll receive an advance within 24 hours on your receivables.

Suppliers and manufacturers must be paid. Some may require upfront payment for materials and products. When customers pay on 30, 60+ day terms, distribution and wholesale companies face a big cash flow crunch that can cramp growth opportunities. With factoring, distribution companies can easily pay suppliers and take advantage of early payment discounts as well.

Distributors keep the economy rolling. Factoring for distribution companies ensure business owners have the working capital needed to keep your business moving ahead. Slow-paying customers are common for any industry. Distributors can use factoring to eliminate the wait for payment and secure the funds needed to grow.


Advantages of Invoice Factoring for Distribution

If your distribution company has struggled to choose which bills to pay and which bills to put-off for next month, invoice factoring might be the right fit. Cash flow challenges are common for distributors. In order to attract larger customers, you must offer generous payment terms. The longer your clients take to pay, the more cash flow challenges arise. Invoice financing for distributors and wholesale companies provides steady capital to cover current expenses and benefit from new growth opportunities:

  • Offer more generous payment terms to attract  customers
  • Expand your marketing efforts to reach new clients
  • Keep all necessary inventory in stock
  • Take on new product lines to promote growth
  • Benefit from early pay discounts offered by your suppliers

Invoice factoring keeps your inventory stocked and your bills paid. We know you’re busy, that’s why we do the job of matching you with the best factoring company for your business. We help distributors of all sizes, in any niche. Our funding services help a variety of distribution businesses including machinery, electronics, medical supplies and technology, food/beverage, consumer products, chemicals, steel, lumber and many more.

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The Invoice Financing Process is Easy

Distribution factoring companies are here to alleviate your cash flow challenges. If you’re ready to eliminate the wait to be paid by customers, count on invoice financing to turn your receivables into cash within 24 hours.

Distributor Funding FAQs

Have more questions? Check out our general invoice factoring FAQ page

Q: Are there minimum monthly volume requirements?

A: There are no minimum volume requirements to worry about. As a result, you can pick and choose which invoices you would like to factor.

Q: What can my wholesale company use the funds for?

A: Anything! Whether it be payroll, machinery, or warehouse rent, factoring companies will provide you with the funds to make payments on time.

Q: What if my customers are located outside of the United States?

A: Contact us. Many businesses we work with have clients all over the world. Whether you have clients in Canada, Mexico, India or elsewhere, we can help with your factoring needs.

Distribution Companies in the United States

You’re busy and lack the time to deal with financial stress. Don’t let the thought of searching hours for the right funding company get you down. We are here to help. Regardless of which type of distribution business you have, count on us to get you funded. Let us match you with a distribution factoring company in minutes and have you paid in a few days. We are the end-all to worrying or waiting.

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