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Small Business Factoring Companies Give You a Cushion For Slow Paying Clients

Whether you have a small or mid-sized business, dealing with slow paying clients can be difficult. When you don’t get paid for 30-90 days, it can put a great deal of stress on you and your company. We want to put a stop to this.

Small business factoring companies are the best way for businesses like yours to get the funding it needs to pay bills and grow at the same time. Invoice factoring offers advanced payments so that you never have to sit around waiting for an invoice to be paid again. Within 24-hours you can have your money in-hand and use it on whatever business expense you choose.

Let us partner you with the best business factoring company in your industry and niche. We work with factoring companies for trucking, telecommunications, healthcare and many others. We will listen to your wants and needs and make sure you are matched with the best factor. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot.

 What to Expect When Working With Small Business Factoring Companies

Small businesses are a diverse market. Without small businesses, America would be without many important trades. There is no contest when comparing bank loans to invoice factoring. We want to ensure that everything is taken care of  when we partner you with a small business factoring company. The benefits are endless, but to name a few.

  • Funds for overhead expenses
  • No long-term contracts
  • Low rates
  • Funds for utilities
  • Capital for payroll
  • Financial cushion as your business grows
  • Ability to pay your taxes on time
  • No hidden fees
  • Funding within 24-hours
  •  Back office support depending on industry

Access to Working Capital in Minutes With Small Business Factoring Companies

Waiting over a month to get paid is something a business should never have to go through. We want to make sure yours never has to again. The small business factoring process is simple, and can be repeated as many times as your company needs. The best part? The process is fast. We will partner you with one of the best small business factoring companies, then you can start factoring your invoices within a matter of days.

invoice factoring approval

factoring payment

reserve release



Submit your application to the small business factoring company and get approved within 3-5 days. Once approved, send your invoices to the factoring company.


Once the factoring company receives your invoices, they will advance you up to 80-90% within 24 hours. The remaining percentage will be held in a reserve.


Invoices will be paid directly to the factoring company by your customers. Once the payment has been received, your reserve will be released minus a factoring fee.


Advanced payments free up working capital your business can use on important expenses. Repeat steps 2-4 as frequently as you need.

Small Business Funding FAQs

Have more questions? Check out our general invoice factoring FAQ page

Q: What if my small business has poor credit?

A: The financial history of your small business will never be questioned.

Q: What can my small business use the factored money on?

A: Whatever business expense that your business needs can be paid with factored invoices.

Q: What kinds of small businesses qualify for factoring?

A. It depends on the type of business and niche you are in. Some types of business factoring include staffing factoring, manufacturing factoring, food/beverage factoring, medical factoring and more.

Small Businesses in the United States

There are millions of small businesses throughout the U.S., but yours is one in a million to us. We treat each small business differently because no two are the same. Our marketplace has various factoring companies that specialize in different industries. Regardless of where your business finds its niche, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call to get access to small business factoring companies today.

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Small Businesses We Work With

No matter what your trade, we can get you matched with a business factoring company to meet all your needs. 

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