Factoring Companies in New Haven Help Grow Businesses

If your business is in the market for funding, you’ve come to the right spot at The Factoring Marketplace! We specialize in invoice factoring for small to mid-sized businesses. If your company could use extra working capital to grow, we can help. Factoring companies in New Haven can grow your business past its goals. We listen to what you are looking for in a factoring company and match you with the best based on your industry and niche. We are at no cost to you, and lighten your work load. What could be better?

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How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

Invoice factoring is a simple solution for any small business. Your business can get funded in just a few short days. Once we partner you with one of the best factoring companies in New Haven, your business will got through a quick approval period. Once your business is approved you can begin the factoring process! You simply send your open invoices to the New Haven factoring company and then they will advance you up to 95% of your invoices and hold the rest in a reserve. Once your customers have paid the factor for your open invoices, the reserve will be released back to you minus a factoring fee.

Your Industry in New Haven

Is your business located outside of New Haven? Not a problem. Whether your business is in Milford, Norward, Danbury, or any other city in Connecticut, we can get you funded. Our services are nationwide.

Construction: Your construction company can get the funds it needs without having to worry about slow paying clients.

Staffing: Staffing agencies always need working capital to cover payroll. Factoring companies can offer factoring services and back office support.

Transportation: The trucking industry is always changing. If your trucking company needs work capital to cover the e-log mandate this year, we have got you covered.

What Could Your Business Do With More Money?

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Growing in New Haven

If your New Haven business is struggling to make payroll every month or struggling to pay rent, let’s put a stop to it! Invoice factoring can get your business on the right foot and make sure you are debt free. When your business is struggling and a bank loan is not an option, we are here. We can get your business matched, approved, and funded in less than a week. A bank can’t say that! Fill out a form on our site or give us a call. We will be ready to help your business grow. Is invoice factoring not a fit for your business? Don’t worry. We have other financing options that your business can shop right on our site!

New Haven Facts:

The lollipop originated in New Haven.

The first hamburger was made and served at Louis’ Lunch Sandwich shop.

Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephones were installed in New Haven.