Running a company is hard enough without having to worry about managing its website. However, a good website is normally an indicator of a good business in the eyes of the consumer. Kick your business’ website up a notch by utilizing these 5 easy and free ways to improve your company website.

Use a Web Publishing Platforms

Creating a website from scratch definitely allows you to have more control over what said site looks and operates like. But, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a site built from the ground up working efficiently.

That’s why your business should take advantage of web publishing platforms such as WordPress, Weebly or Wix. These sites allow you to purchase a domain and build a customizable website for a small fee.

Said publishing platforms also have built-in tools that automatically improve websites built on them. Worried about search engine optimization, selling products or posting new content? Web publishing platforms have you covered. They automatically give you website improvement ideas and plugins that keep your site running smoothly and looking appealing.

Post Content Often

Speaking of posting content, an easy way to improve your company’s website is to post it often. Start a blog centered around your business’ specialty, then delve into different topics it encompasses.

For example, let’s say you run a company that sells parts to large electronics. Start a blog on your website and write about all things electronics! That could include the must-have electronics for manufacturing companies, quick fixes for simple issues and much more. Whatever you write, just make sure it ties back to your product somehow – include a link to your shop or reinforce why your product or service is important.

The constant addition of content is more than just a selling service for your service or product. Pushing out new articles, blogs or updates also helps your company website rank better with search engines. Engines see content as a commitment to a website and will then showcase your site to more people who search words that correlate with your business.

Link Social Media Accounts

Another easy way to improve your business’ website is by linking the company’s social media accounts to them. Customers like learning as much as they can about companies they patronize, so if they find your social media, they’ll check out your website and vice versa.

It also adds credibility. In this day and age, if your company doesn’t have social media, does it even exist?

Have a Clean and Navigable Design

Looking for website improvement ideas? Start with the design! Easily make your website more appealing by making sure it features a clean and navigable design. Experts suggest making sure each page is no more than three clicks away from the home page.

Utilize a Color Scheme

Keep your website organized and clean by implementing a color scheme that matches your business’ industry. This is an easy, free way to improve the company webpage and make it look professional.

If your company is using a web publishing platform, you can easily change featured colors to fit a color scheme.

Having trouble figuring out what colors fit your business? Use a color choosing tool to make sure the hues you pick the best fit what you want your business to represent!

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