Free Business Marketing Ideas to Test

5 Ways to Give Your Marketing Efforts a Boost

It’s no secret. Marketing trends are always changing. Every year, every month, sometimes even every day. There is always something new that your business can try in order to ramp up marketing efforts. We have compiled a list of some great marketing ideas to look out for in 2019. Check them out!

1. E-mail subject lines are everything

When your business is planning out an e-mail campaign, make sure that you are putting some serious thought into what you put in the subject line. The subject line is what draws readers into your content and makes them click open! You could try a single word, ask a question, personalize it with the reader’s name, or even write something that is off the wall! Try different options and what has the best CTR.

2. Social media is still king

Whether your business is new or old, you must use social media! From Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, social media is a growing network. It also is the easiest way that you can promote your business. Try doing a challenge or giveaway to get more follows. This will give your social media pages the boost it needs and get noticed by potential customers. The best part about promoting your business on social media? It’s free! So bow down to the almighty hashtag this year and post regularly.

3. Videos are the new wave

YouTube videos are a great way to promote what you do. Even if you are an amateur video maker, any little bit helps! Even sharing videos that have already been posted by others can improve your marketing efforts. Tutorials and vlogs have become the new thing and they aren’t going away anytime soon so jump on the bandwagon!

4. Showing support never goes out of style

Have a charity you would like to get behind? Promote it to the public! Showing that you care about a needy cause is always in favor by the public. Even doing something as simple as donating a dollar from every sale make to cancer research can really turn a head. Customers will appreciate your giving spirit and be more inclined to purchase your items and support your business. Take to social media and promote away.

5. A love/hate relationship with online reviews

Having your business reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc. can be both a good and bad thing. If people write a good review, awesome! You’re in the clear. But if someone write a bad review, your business could be at risk for a bad reputation. If you see a poor review about your business, reach out! Confront that person head on and try to make it right. They will be more inclined to give your business another chance and, if others are reading, they will respect your business for wanting to correct a wrong.

Get Started!

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