What Candidate is Best for Small Business Reform?

Small businesses across the country are hoping for a presidential winner that will be able to tackle the problems has have risen in the past few years. Namely, taxes, healthcare, and government regulations. According to the Lowell Sun, Wells Fargo did a survey of 600 business owners. Three-quarters of them agreed that the candidates have not been getting to the heart of small business issues. The top two concerns that small business are having is taxes and the economy.

What the Candidates Say:

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump has plans to cut taxes which include small businesses pay. Trump wishes to cut taxes for small and big businesses to 15%. Trump also says that he will fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as he is in office. The ACA current requires businesses of 50 or more employees to offer health insurance. Trump wants to completely replace the law.

Hilary Clinton:

Hilary Clinton as well has plans to cut the hefty taxes that small businesses pay. Clinton is asking for targeted tax drops for small businesses. Clinton wishes to build upon the Affordable Care Act to help lower healthcare costs.

While small business issues are a big factor when it comes to voting, it’s not enough. A low amount of small business owners don’t vote just in favor of small businesses. In fact, 51% of business owners say that both business and personal views are considered when they are voting. Does this style of voting help or hurt businesses? You decide.

Is your Business Prepared for the Next President?

Regardless of if your business is doing well or could use a little help, being secure in your finances is important. We can get your business the security it needs for the upcoming November election. It is important that your business heads into 2017 prepared for anything. As we all know, things chance. What may look like a good candidate for your business could change once they are in office. Let us help you make sure your business is equipped to handle any changes that may be ahead in the following year with business financing. Learn more about how we help secure and grow small businesses.