How Small Businesses Can Grow Their E-mail List

Why E-mail Capture Matters for Businesses In order to sell your product, your business needs to have a strong following of some sort. Whether it be social media, snail mail, or e-mail, there are many ways to get your business information out there. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how to [...]

Top 10 Free Tools for Small Businesses

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy role to take on. At times it can feel intimidating and can be an expensive endeavor. As a small business owner, it is important to make sure your business reaches its full potential. You must put the needs of the business first and sometimes this can be a [...]

5 Easy (Free!) Ways to Improve Your Company Website

Running a company is hard enough without having to worry about managing its website. However, a good website is normally an indicator of a good business in the eyes of the consumer. Kick your business’ website up a notch by utilizing these 5 easy and free ways to improve your company website. Use a [...]

Staffing Your Startup: Five Types of People to Hire

Staffing Your Startup: Five Types of People to Hire Your dream has become a reality — you own your very own startup. Now, it just needs to be staffed. Hiring for a startup is definitely stress-inducing. You made this business, but you must trust other people to help run it. There is no such [...]

11 Advantages of Owning a Business

Founding your own business is an exciting step into controlling your own destiny. It may sound like an intimidating venture, but nothing beats the feeling of taking a leap of faith and succeeding. After all, there must be some reason why over half a million new businesses get started every month. Whether you want [...]

Big Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses with Tight Budgets

Your product or service is by far the best in the business and you know it. The problem? Other people aren’t aware yet. You may ask: well, how do I spread the word about my amazing, life-changing product or service? The answer: marketing. There are awesome and effective marketing tactics available for every budget [...]

Social Media for Startups – The Best Tips & Tricks

Social media is a fast and low-cost method of marketing your new business. If you have no marketing budget you can use social media for free to post updates, general information and current events about your business. If you have a small budget, most social media platforms offer advertising where you can customize your [...]

How-To: Small Business Recruiting with LinkedIn

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use social media to connect, stay in touch and network. One of the fastest-growing networks is LinkedIn, a social space to link up with other professionals.  LinkedIn is also used for finding and recruiting new employees, especially if your business is looking for someone that has [...]

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