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A Guide to UCC Liens and Loan Collateral

Filing a UCC Lien to Protect Loans When a lending business gives money to a company that is in need of funds, it assumes an amount of risk equal to the amount of money that they lent; there is a possibility, no matter how small, that they will never see that money again. As [...]

A Guide to Building a B2B Client Base

HOW TO ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS TO YOUR SMALL BUSINESS When businesses that function by servicing other businesses, also known as B2B, are looking for new clients, their search looks different from that of a B2C (business to client) company. Bringing in B2B customers can be a difficult process for those who are not aware [...]

Helpful Apps All Small Business Owners Should Have

There are thousands of apps out there that can help your small to mid-size business hire knowledgeable candidates, stay organized, foster relationships with your customers, generate leads and even revenue for your business. Small business owners have a lot on their plate, let us make it a little easier on you with some app [...]

Best Cities in America to Start a Business

The Most Business-Friendly Cities in the United States When starting a new business or moving an established one to a new city, it is important for owners to think through what they are looking for. While finding a city with tax breaks for businesses might be important for one company, a strong small business [...]

6 Alternative Funding Options for Startup Business Owners

 Starting a successful small business is an inimitably difficult undertaking. Very few are able to do it—data indicate that as many as 90% of startup ventures end in failure.There are a number of factors that contribute to the sky-high failure rate of startup companies. In a survey of startup postmortems, nearly half of all failed [...]

How to Write a Small Business Plan

How do you make a business plan? This is a common question for many aspiring business owners. There are many different types of business plans and they can range in size from a few sentences to hundreds of pages. According to the United States Small Business Administration, business plans generally project 3-5 years ahead [...]

Small Business Owners See Trump’s Election as an Opportunity

Trump Gives Small Businesses a Confidence Boost While there are many groups out there that are not in support of Donald Trump’s election, there are some that are, and they include small business owners. Small business owners are not only happy about the improved economy in recent months, they are optimistic about Trump’s promises to [...]

Small Business Saturday: November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday: November 26, 2016 Small Business Saturday is approaching this week, two days after Thanksgiving. Hopefully by that point, you will be out of your food coma and ready to shop! This Saturday is the day that everyone should go out and support local businesses. If you are a local business owner, be [...]