Who We Are

The Factoring Marketplace is in a unique position. We’re able to listen to what your business wants and needs in a factoring company, then match you with one that fits your description. Don’t waste your time scouring the internet for the perfect factoring company. We’ll do it for you! You have other important business to take care of.

Why We’re Different

We’re a company committed to helping your business find the best factor possible. You’ll want to get in contact with us if your business is looking to expand, purchase new equipment, balance out cash flow or fund any other business-related expense.

About The Factoring Marketplace

Why Work With Us

  • We can get you competitive factoring rates, regardless of what industry you’re in.

  • We’ll match you with a factoring company that fits your needs — fast!

  • It’s free! When your deal is funded, we get paid by the factor.

Industries We Work With

Does your business exist outside of these industries? Let us know! We’ll still do our best to find a factoring company to fund you.

Helping Business Owners

We have a nationwide network of factoring companies that we work with on a daily basis. Let us help you grow your business, fund a new opportunity or expand into a new space!

Not sure if factoring is for you? Just give us a call! We have factoring experts ready to answer any questions you may have.

We’re here to make finding funding easy. You have other important business to tend to, let us take care of finding you the best factoring company.

Ready to get started? Get a free factoring quote now!